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Attention All Winners!

If you were chosen as a winner in one of Karen's contests and your name appears below... please send an email to: moc.yrubsgniKneraK@stsetnoC and include the following:

  1. The name of the contest in the subject line
  2. Your complete name as it appears in the list below
  3. Your complete mailing address

Thank you and again, congratulations to the winners!

2012 Karen Kingsbury & Friends Cruise Contest Winners

After months of waiting and thousands of entries, the winners of the Karen Kingsbury and Friends Cruise Contest have finally been chosen.  (drum roll) … A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to:

The Grand Prize WINNERS

* TRINA NIZNIK – bringing her husband, JOHN NIZNIK 

(Entered through the LONGING Review group of readers)

* KELLI ALBERT – bringing her mother, LAURA TRENT

(Entered through the KK Cruise Facebook Page)

Both Trina and Kelli shared stories about the people they are bringing, stories that touched my heart in a unique and unforgettable way. Much prayer and thought went into picking these winners, and I believe God will use their time at sea. They win cruise passage, hotel, and airfare for two.

Please know there were hundreds of you I wanted to bring, hundreds where your stories made me pray for you or cry over my keyboard. For that reason, here is a list of runners up. Each of you on this list will receive an ADVANCE copy of LOVING in the next several weeks.


If your name is listed below, email me at moc.YRUBSGNIKNERAK@STSETNOC and write RUNNER-UP in the subject line. Send your full name and address, and the moment we have copies of LOVING we’ll send one your way.

Kristina Glover

Eric Douglas Clinton

Carla Dawejko

Sarah Gilbert

Kimberly Reynolds

Stephanie Yvonne Loveday

Vanessa Jacobson

Stacie Eunice Hall

Laura Kirk

Nancy George Swanner

Jennifer Kuzmanovich

Dorothy Day

Brenda Canada

Anne Meyer

Pearl Fry

Elizabeth Rose Steele

Diane Jarbeck

Susan Ashley Edwards

Joel Gary Darling

Darlene Farrell

Sarah Lynn Ortiz

Margaret Anne Billman

Katherine Holly Parrish

Laura Bridgers Reeves

Lauren Caponigro

Sarah Elizabeth Melton

Becky Lynette Fettig

Robyne Clausen

Dalva Peterson

Cindi Louise Hagood


The reader friends selected to have a free cabin and help my team on board are:

Caitlyn Council

Marnie Mount

Cyndi Armstrong.


For the purpose of this contest, both entries and winners came from across the globe, proof that God is using the power of story in a way beyond what I could have dreamed. I continue to be amazed at how the Lord puts a story on my heart, but He has your heart in mind. Thank you for being the best reader friends an author could have. I thank God for you!


2011 - Favorite Quote Contest

Congratulations to the following readers! You posted your favorite quotes from Karen Kingsbury novels. 30 winners were picked and will each receive an autographed copy of BRAVE YOUNG KNIGHT - Karen's newest children's book. 

1. Jessykara Blum - "Everyone says goodbye eventually...people come and go...nothing stays except for Jesus." -LEAVING

2. Stephanie Abayomi - "Love happens when you forgive." -OCEAN'S APART

3. Karis Horner - "My dad used to say 'Life is like a pizza crust.'" -TAKE TWO

4. Sarah Alm Weber - "Life is too short for half-hearted connections and meaningless run-throughs." -TAKE TWO 

5. Marcie Hunnell Bronowicz - "Since you were born we've prayed for you. Your father and I. We prayed that God would make you into that one-in-a-million girl who wouldn't be dragged into something you'd regret. We prayed that love wouldn't really awaken in you until it was God's timing. These years are for you and God, so you'll become who he wants you to be." -FOREVER

6. Elissa Rizzo - “Raise them in the way they should go, pray for them, and trust them to Jesus. He loves them even more than you do.” -TAKE ONE

7. Joy Dempsey Jochems - "It's not how we fall that defines us as Christians. It's how we get up again." -UNLOCKED

8. Ashley Munzel - "Sometimes life is so hard you can only do the next thing. Whatever that is, just do the next thing. God will meet you there." -EVER AFTER

9. Jan Kinloch - "This is the love of Christ, Mary. Full and whole, without judgment or reservation. Unconditional. When you fall, Jesus holds out a hand. When you turn away, He stands at the door of your heart, waiting, always waiting." -DIVINE

10. Lori Hudson - "The truth was this: Love is a decision." -REDEMPTION

11. Gerlu van deer Merwe - "Sometimes when you have trouble closing a chapter, it's because there's more to the story." -SHADES OF BLUE

12. Regina Bagwell Boyce - "Let me hold on longer, God, to every precious last." -LET ME HOLD YOU LONGER

13. Andrea Todd - "Three years? That's a thousand tomorrows, ma'am." -A THOUSAND TOMORROWS

14. Anita Felton - "God, tell her I love her." -FORGIVEN

15. Cris-Anette Nicholas - "God is more concerned about our character than our comfort. His goal is not to pamper us physically, but to perfect us spiritually."  -TAKE ONE

16. Kelly Gunter - "A life of faith starts with a single decision."  -TAKE FOUR

17. Kristi Leonard - "You have Jesus Eyes." -DIVINE

18. Erin Harding - "They may not all be lovable, but they all need loving." -FAMILY

19. Monica Horn - "God grows fragrant flowers of hope in the ashes of loss." -HALFWAY TO FOREVER

20. Aimee Addison Kibodeaux - "Will you still pray for me when I'm grown-up and married? I'll need your prayers forever, Daddy." -REDEMPTION

21. Katie Spiros - "Not perfect, but perfectly in love with me." -REMEMBER

22. Angela Brandt - "And if...if he ever asks about me, tell him how much I love him. So much that I gave him to you."  -LIKE DANDELION DUST

23. Traci Carrigan Fox - "God, eternity, and this dinner...that's all the guarantee we'll ever have - even the healthiest of us." -LEAVING

24. Heather Stanley - "They looked for a miracle, and found it in a song." -UNLOCKED

25. Lizzie Thornton – “And remember what I said about fences. The greenest grass is back home.”  TAKE ONE

26. Marilyn Miller McNeil - "I'm here because I still believe in what we have. What we could have. We've got problems, but I believe God can heal us."  -REDEMPTION

27. Phyllis Farish -  "It's not like I'm saving the world. Just spending time with people".  -EVER AFTER

28. Donna S Rabon - "A love that would always protect, always trust, always hope, always persevere. A love that would never fail." -A THOUSAND TOMORROWS

29. Peggy Langley Alexander - "The next time that boy pursues you...he better come like a man looking for water in a desert." -LEAVING

30. Julie Nettleton - "God won't give up on you. I won't either." -DIVINE


2011 - Repost LEARNING Book Trailer - Skype Date

Thank you to everyone for re-posting the amazing book trailer for LEARNING. Congratulations to Tricia Willemsma for winning the re-posting the LEARNING book trailer contest. Tricia has won a Skype date with Karen Sunday evening, June 12. 

2011 - 200,000 Facebook Friends Contest

We did it Friends!!! 200,000 Facebook Friends! Congratulations to the following 200 friends who were chosen because they told Karen how God has used her books in their lives. As always, He gets all the glory!! The following 200 Friends each win a KK FRIEND GIFT PACK...

See All 200 Winners Here

Renee Hall

Esther Schmidt

Hedy Hollis Nobil

Kay Rigby

Tamara Knight

Tauni Zinn

Rachel Nolt

Elizabeth Gill

Sandra Thompson Brewer

Lori Vernon

Jo Leah Elaine Payton

Judy Lui

Sata Butler Criswell

Christine Hamric Cool

Kristen Vande Berg Sederstorm

Lisa Read Painter

Holly Houg

Dottie Ross

Kathy Mooore Bement

Regenia Brock Robinson

Brenda Jackson

Rhonda Larson

Bev Yoakum

Jolette Wilson

Jessica Blattel

Shanoah Thompson

Amy Greenfield Wilson

Kimberley White

Kristy Crow

Renae Postema Lacy

Cindy Sellers Banks

Tammy Chalmers

Ashley Pate

Bonita Allen Easter

Carla Betchwars

Ester Brisson

Reba Wyse

Sue Hargis

Lauren Jener

Morgan Lewis

Mara McKnight

Dawn Montgomery-Samson

Deidra Faulkner

Sylvia Mcdaniel

Kathy Parrott

Misty Galvin

Chris Gscheidle

Mona Bolden

Tiffany Staton

Melissa Lynne Ide Seaman

Michelle Daniel

Amanda Peachey

Karen Webster

Lisa Christman-Mayo

Dawn Jenkis Foust

Julie Bee Lippo

Becky McGuire McIntyre

Amy Van Schepen-Sietsma

Cathy Freeman

Casey Gumm

Darlene Watts Dodd

Frances Pike

Lynette Carter

Lisa Higgs Smith

Alicia Bryant

Aileen Butler Burke

Cristy Fenton

Lynda Housler Sickler

Mark-Amy Cline

Karina Dinehart

Carol Laster

Kate Baggs

Glenna McNutt

Patty Woodbridge

Jennifer Isaac Kerns

Ruth Koster

Esty Puscas Nemes

Angela Hall

Sandra Moyer

Lizzy Long

Krystal Aschemeier

Kristina Dignan

Edith Bailey

Jean Marie Wengerd

Christin J. Caines

Laura Conforti Zimmerman

Kaya Mallick

Sandy Jolly

Phyllis Bartram

Jennifer Montgomery Hodges

Robin West

Tara Johnson

Kym Godwin

Wendy Waldner

Betty Sykes

Patricia Nelson Lamkin

Tiffany Gerthung

Debra Clark Ellen

Teresa Lockwood

Teddi Smith

Alyssa Owens

Kristy Smith

Missy Hudson

Ester Overton

Kris Latoski Zerbe

Ester Raber Marner

Jennifer L Fulmer

Rhonda Collingwood Molen

Jessica Malory

Mary Beth Wright Deevers

Jamie Riordan

Emily Johnson

Katlyn Nicole Yates

Erin Leavitt

Amberlyn Johnston

Melinda Kirkpatrick

Elissa Dalpe

Nikki Yoho Stone

Kelly Starcher Hummell

Anita Smith

Jennifer Gray Ernst

Betsy Hoffman Schaknowski

Connie Guthrie Guynor

Kerri Peiffer Wise

Carol McLaughlin

Cindi Meyer

Julia Arnold Wallace

Nancy Holt

Beth Selbe

Jenny Mabe

Alida Alexander

Jacquie Hart

Christy Brown

Jen Brewbaker

Rhonda Bailey

Sonya Shook

Nancy Rowe Miller

Caroline Carpenter

Jan Johnson

Stephany Blair

Julie Kluender Hundt

Debbie Collins Hick

Sandra Stanbery

Elaine Cook Goerne

Cathy Dickey

Kimberley Searfoss Zimmerman

Bethany Williamson

Debbie Connell Simpson

Jessica Turner

Sarah Melton

Tina Ferguson Stauffer

Candace Brock McKim

Sally Store-Karttunen

Alicia Bangston

Catrina Wassmuth Tinney

Lana Wage

Beth Younker

Sofia Malm

Veronica Harris

Brittany Gregory

Janice Griffin Jenkins

Cathy Gardner

Nancy Alspach

Sarah Heyink-Huizing

Dawn Buddenhagen

Elizabeth Murray

Angel Fish

Barbara Miller Gill

Heather Blount

Rachelle Martin

Faith Shreve

Jeanetta Dye

Tiffany Harley

Sandra Hobbs

Jeani Jiles Allen

Rochelle Ness

Kristie Nanes

Marielle Omony

Tara Johnson Koetter

Kobie Nolte

Kristi Ray Simmons

Autumn Nelson McDonald

Amanda J Davis

Lauren Wolfrom

Stephanie Feehan

Michelle Hume

Robyn Lyn Florian

Marlene Wagler Beachy

Jolene Buchheit

Leann Roos

Micaela Tedder

Jan Bond Rinehart

Jennifer Niles Doiron

Tracy Donath

Angela Gohl

Katie Stapf

Maria Byrne

Jamie Erin Brewe

Danielle Maggiore

Tiffany Whitecotton Hanley

2011 - Readers' Endorsements

Thank you to the following winners who submitted endorsements for Karen Kingsbury novels. The following winning endorsements will be published in Karen's novel, LONGING, in stores Fall, 2011, and will each receive an autographed copy of LONGING when it comes out.  

1. Your books inspire me to be a stronger follower of Jesus Christ, to be a better wife, mother, sister and friend. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord's gentle whisper. -Tamara Bailey Berg

2. It's as simple as this: God's heart comes off these pages-every line, every word. You can feel the love and redemption of Christ through every character's life in each book. The message is a message of hope, hope in the One who has saved us and reigns victorious!   -Brenae Davey

3. Karen's books are like a personal Bible study - there are so many situations that can be applied directly to the truths found in God's word to help strengthen and encourage me...  -Laura Goad

4. Novels are mini-vacations, and Karen Kingsbury's novels are my favorite destination.  -Rachel Sides

5. Karen's books are amazing!! They are inspirational, encouraging, heart touching, and definitely life-changing. Thank you, Karen, for sharing your gift with us. -Lisa Meyer Pierson

6. The best author in the country. -Mary Halls

7. Karen's books are like chocolate - very addicting! You can't just eat one piece at a time, you have to eat the whole thing - you can't just read one chapter at a time, you have to read the whole book! :) -Sarah B. Magnuson

8. Karen, you truly have a God-given talent...I have laughed, cried, and rejoiced with your characters as if they were real people! Please keep writing, Karen...I can't put your books down! God bless you!! -Rebekah Hesketh 

9. Karen Kingsbury's books make a way for God to get a hold of your heart and never let go! -Jessica M Ealy

10. The stories are fiction; their impact is real. -Debbie Lally Rinell

11. It was my lucky day when a friend introduced me to Karen Kingsbury's books! A day without KK isn't complete. -Bette Odell Jeffries

12. My daughter and I "fight" to read your books first. She has even said, "Mom, I'll do dishes. YOU go read the latest Karen Kingsbury book!" -Terry Schutt

13. Karen Kingsbury books are like my best friends, they make me cry, laugh and give me encouragement. God Bless you Karen for using your talent for Him. -Tammy Gill

14. Every time I read one of Karen's books I think "this is the best one yet". Then the next one comes out and I think "no, this is the best one". -April Bussard McNees

15. Karen's Kingsbury's books are fantastic! She always makes me feel like I'm living the story along with the charcters!! -Courtney Moore Goodwin

16. Karen's books speak to the heart. They are timely, entertaining, but, more important, they speak God's love into hungry souls. -Debbie Patrick Kersh

17. Whenever I pick up a new KK book, two things are consistent: tissues; and finishing the whole book in one day. -Nel Li

18. When I was in Iraq, Mrs. Kingsbury's books were like a cool breeze on a hot summer day and they made the hard days a bit easier to bear. By the end of my tour, all the ladies in my tent were hooked!! -Olivia Glaude

19. Karen Kingsbury books are the BEST! I have bought everyone of them. I love getting my friends "hooked" on Karen Kingsbury! -Dana Thorpe Chishlom 

20. Not only do Karen Kingsbury books make you laugh and make you cry ... they will leave you begging for more.... I stay awake all night when a new one comes out reading by flashlight while my family sleeps!! -Hellen Hardin

21. Reading a Karen Kingsbury book is like watching a really good movie. I just can't get enough of her books. -Esther Overton

22. The lady that orders the books for our church library shakes her head and laughs when I tell her, "Ok, Karen Kingsbury has a new book out! I get first dibs when you get it!" -Jeannette Mckean-Butler

23. Each new Karen Kingsbury book is like a visit home. Nothing beats time with family and friends, which is just what Karen's characters are! -Erin Mifflin

24. As someone who has struggled with health issues over the last two years, Karen's books have been such an encouragement to me. They remind me that God is with me, and will never leave me. Please keep writing, I need that reminder. -Carrie Fletcher

25. Pick up a Karen Kingsbury book and I guarantee that you will never be the same again! Karen's books have a way of reaching the deepest parts of your soul and touching places of your heart that are longing for something more. -Becky Stelwagen

26. Karen Kingsbury really brings fiction to life, and I'm "longing" to read the next segment. Real men really do read KK! -Phil Calkins

27. Gods love, mercy and hope shines through every one of Karen Kingsbury's books. She has a passion for the Lord and it shows in every story she writes. She is amazing! -Kristi Comer McDonald

28. It is hard for me to walk out of a bookstore without a Karen Kingsbury book in my possession. I am hooked. -Shilah Norris

29. Karen Kingsbury is changing the reader at a time :) -Lauren Walden

30. Karen writes straight from the heart and touches each of her readers with every new story! Love, loss, family, faith, all the struggles we each face everyday come to life in the characters she creates. -Amber Buffet



Congratulations to Hope Painter for writing a review on Amazon that simply took my breath away!! Hope wins airfare and hotel accommodations for 2 to Portland, Or, to enjoy 2 nights, 3 days in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The prize also includes a day of Portland shopping with Kelsey (Bailey) and me :) 

Thanks to all of you who entered!! I loved ALL your reviews so much I also chose 10 of you to win an autographed copy of LEAVING!

Hope's review and the other 10 runners up are listed below: if your review is here, send your name and address to me at moc.yrubsgnikneraK@stsetnoC

Grand Prize Winner of Trip to Portland

God allows Karen to do it again! xoxo, March 25, 2011
This review is from: Leaving (Bailey Flanigan Series) (Paperback)

WOW is all I can say. Karen has done it again. This book was so worth the wait. Every page every line has you feeling like you are seeing old friends that you have been waiting so long to talk to. You will laugh, cry and look into the deep parts of your soul with this book. God has given Karen the ability to write were no matter your age or situation it will make you look deep within your soul. I feel like I have known all these characters for a lifetime and that with the power of God everything can all come together with time, he will never close one door without opening another! This book will have you wanting more and not wanting it to end. I found myself reading it twice just to make sure I didnt miss anything and I had. The message is so clear in this book. I am just so happy Karen was able to share with the world another great series that is to be continued and when you close the book you will just be in awe wanting more!!! I waited for this book to come out for months and I am so overwhelmed with praise for it! Every book Karen releases I promise are better than the last! I cant wait for the next book to come out I already put it on my calander! I give this book a 100 stars by far. AMAZING!! I am just always amazed that no matter your age or gender these books touch everyone. Bailey and Cody and also the Baxter family have been so many peoples favorite people and once again they are back. They keep you on your toes and will have you thinking about them after each book ends until the next one is released.


Runners Up - Each winner below will win an autographed copy of Leaving 

As usual, an AWESOME Book!, April 15, 2011



Happy Grandma  (Bloomingburg, NY, USA) 



This review is from: Leaving (Bailey Flanigan Series) (Paperback)
 Bittersweet! We all know that our children have to grow up and leave the safety of our own homes to face the great unknown! This book will tug at your heartstrings, make you cry, and cause you to reflect on your own children growing up! Karen Kingsbury will capture your heart, cause you to think of where our hope comes from, and encourage us the readers to embrace our "children's lasts". Read this, and then read each and every other book she has written, and BE BLESSED!



(2) Another God Inspired Hit, April 14, 2011 

 By Rachael 

This review is from: Leaving (Bailey Flanigan Series) (Paperback)

This book, like most of Karen's, had me laughing out loud at some points with tears streaming at other points. It is absolutely amazing, whether you have read the prior books or not. Karen truly has a gift that is only given by God. Her love for the Lord shines through in this book. It is so easy to be wrapped up in the story line, imagining the lives of these characters. The Scripture used in the story line is so inspiring and encouraging. Caution: reading this book WILL create an addiction to all books written by Karen Kingsbury.

(3) My birthday present!, April 14, 2011

This review is from: Leaving (Bailey Flanigan Series) (Paperback)

For those of you with college-age children, this is a MUST read! 

Karen's Kingsbury's books have changed my life in sooo many ways. I am an almost senior in college now, but I started reading her books when I was a senior in high school. I LITERALLY could not put them down! They were my only motivation to stay awake in class! But in all seriousness, Kingsbury's books about the Baxter family have taught me about how to love and live in the midst of tragedy and hardship, and to never take the ones you love for granted. Kingsbury touches on soo many issues in her books that really relate to people, Christians or non-Christians. Her books are one of the main sources of hope I have to someday make relatable Christian media. 

Leaving was a DELIGHT to read, and I was so excited to have it come out right before my birthday! As a college student, I have really been able to relate to Bailey and all the confusion she goes through, in love, friendship, and God's plans for her life. Growing up and leaving home is one of the scariest, most exciting, and growing experiences that I have ever been through, and am still going through! But its great to know that I'm not alone, Bailey is right there with me. I cannot wait to see how her dreams pan out, especially when it comes to her romance with Cody Coleman. And I love checking in with the Baxter family, although I strongly have the urge to pray for these characters whenever suspense or tragedy seems around the corner! (Please, Karen, go easy on Landon and Ashley Blake, my heart can't take it! lol).

(4) I feel like Bailey's mom, April 13, 2011

This review is from: Leaving (Bailey Flanigan Series) (Paperback)

This book, like every other Karen Kingsbury book that I have read has so many twists and turns. There is so much emotion. The story of Bailey is close to my heart. My daughter has a beautiful heart for God. She has a beautiful voice and had a high school boyfriend situation that had it's own twist and turns. When she went off to college over 800 miles away, it was difficult having her so far away. Her high school love continued and in her junior year of college they bacame engaged. Four months before the wedding, my daughter called it off. We were all shocked! Nine months later they were back together and married this January. During the ceremony, the chaplain explained the time off as a birthing period that they had to find themselves in God and what He wanted for them separately before they could be together. I am hoping that Bailey and Cody can find their way back to each other. 

I feel so blessed to read your books. What a beautiful gift that God has given you. I am looking so forward to meeting you again on the cruise.

(5) Compassion, April 13, 2011

By GayleH  
This review is from: Leaving (Bailey Flanigan Series) (Paperback)

LEAVING is a book of compassion, joy, sorrow, humility, love, loss, family and strength. I found it to be heartwarming and I could relate to many of the joys and fears. If not for the bouquets of thorns in life, we would never be able to enjoy the roses. This, and all of the KK books I have read so far, bring forth the thorns and the roses!

(6) Amazing!!!!! Anxious for more., April 10, 2011

This review is from: Leaving (Bailey Flanigan Series) (Paperback)

Leaving was Amazing! I have read all of Karen Kingsbury's books. Each book just gets better and better. As you go through each series you get very attached and involved with every character in each book. Leaving is no different. The story of Bailey and Cody just continues to get better and better. It is so true to life and relationships. Most people now a days just take the easy way and don't stay true to their real feelings when challenges get in the way. This story demonstrates that with patience and faith, what is meant to happen will happen. As we all makes things possible...NOT easy. I am anxious to read the next books in this series. I know in the end God will show Bailey and Cody what happens when you stay true to yourself and never take your focus off God. In my heart, I know how I would like to see the series end but, only if that is Gods will and plan. Thank you Karen Kingsbury for sharing your gift with all of us. You are a true inspiration to us all.

(7) Wow - She did it AGAIN!!, April 13, 2011

By Christy Smith  (Centreville, Va United States)
This review is from: Leaving (Bailey Flanigan Series) (Paperback)

I LOVE Karen's books, they are my favorite to take to the beach or for snuggling up on the couch to read for hours. This one is no exception. Karen amazes me with her stories. They take me to another place and I feel so connected to them. Leaving is a great read. It is amazing how God has worked in her life and allows each of us to be a special part of her and the characters. You feel as though you really do "know" the Baxter family. That is key to being a wondrous writer. It is easy to relate to and it touches me in my soul. I would highly recommend this book!! Thanks Karen for another amazing story and being such an inspiration in my own life. Keep them coming!!!!

(8) A true delight, April 10, 2011

By D. Bennett    
This review is from: Leaving (Bailey Flanigan Series) (Paperback)
Karen Kingsbury has touched my heart yet again with Leaving. I was really excited when I first heard of her coming out with a Bailey Flanigan series (a much loved young adult girl who has grown up throughout the other Kingsbury series). Leaving did not disappoint. Bailey's experiences are so real. She struggles with her relationships with guys and trying to figure out where to go in life while having morals and living for God. The other characters also struggle with change and how to let go or try to hold on. While Kinsbury's book do tend to become quite the soap opera, the characters are almost too real to deny them a place in any fiction-book-lover's heart. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

(9) Leaving rejuvenates my faith, April 8, 2011

This review is from: Leaving (Bailey Flanigan Series) (Paperback)

Another faith filled Karen Kingsbury book that stays with you all day and night. Just like the other books I read from this author, I felt blessed after reading the first few pages. I was engrossed from the very beginning with the pastor's sermon and to meeting up with our favorite family, the Baxters. There is so much inspiration to be found in each chapter of this book as our main characters look to the Lord for their help and strength. 

As an avid reader, I applaud the way in which the story transitioned between each character. I was able to paint a vivid picture of Bailey looking for love, dream career and peace. Cody dealing with family struggles, new career, new and old love. And Ashley, blossoming in her career, balancing family and being a helpmate to an ailing husband. Even though my life struggles don't parallel those of the main characters, I was reminded to remain faithful to God and his will over my life. 

Towards the end of the book, emotions welled up within me as each character said a temporary goodbye to childhood, family, love and home. Thanks Karen for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through you to me when I need to hear the message most of all. 

(10) Leaves you wanting more..., April 6, 2011

By Carrie Bodenburg  (Elk Mound, WI United States) 
This review is from: Leaving (Bailey Flanigan Series) (Paperback)
I love the feeling I have after finishing each Karen Kingsbury story - like I just wrapped a conversation with a close friend. This book is no different. 

After "meeting" the Baxters and Flanigans so many books ago, it was wonderful to reconnect with these families! I'm so glad that Bailey got her own series. She is a well-written character and I find myself cheering for her - whatever her future holds. I just finished "Leaving" and am anxiously looking for the next installment in this series! June can't come fast enough.





Congratulations to the following 10 Twitter LEAVING QUOTE CONTEST winners. 
(1) therondaroo  (Ronda Moore)
(2) Ksavits (Kelli Savits)
(3) KrissCasey  (Kristi Casey)
(4) 16Dancer4Jesus (Caroline Jessica)
(5) Godssunnygrl (Anna White)
(6) emelieedwinsson (Emelie Edwinsson)
(7) reha87  (Andrea)
(8) Jenn_Boot (Jennifer Boutillier)
(9) kellialbert  (Kelli Albert)
(10) AudreyPoulton  (Audrey Poulton)


Each winner will receive a signed copy of LEAVING in the mail! Thank you to everyone that participated in this contest!

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Starbucks Gift Card Winners

I was so touched by your entries, friends. The following are the winners of the Starbucks Gift Cards, but here’s what I’ve done. I am giving you each a $6 gift card, so that you can take someone special to coffee. Each of you were chosen as winners because you love to help others or because there was one special person you wanted to bless. Please take that person to coffee, pray with them, spend an hour or two with them … and consider that time the greatest gift of all. And let me know how your coffee date went with this person … I might put the stories together sometime in the future. Love you all!

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8. Martha Nagy
9. Jocelyn Hannah Tow
10. Tara Widener
11. Melissa R. Green
12. Lorie Daniel
13. Barbara Hicks
14. Bonnie James Primm Davis
15. Kelsee Castonguay
16. Shannon Kohl
17. Wendy Newell-Howard
18. Patti Irby
19. Cassie King
20. Jennifer Klassen 
21. Chelsea Stoskopf
22. Karri Covelle
23. Sommer Suzanne Coker
24. Katie Zielke
25. Melissa Sluga Drzewicki
26. Gayle Riley Drake
27. Stephanie Tam
28. Jenny Bonds
29. Heather Brown
30. Erica Harper
31. Susan Ramey Powers
32. Laura Young Tozier
33. Bridget Gilliam
34. Diane n Brian Fenlason
35. Kimberly Bruner David
36. Javon Williams
37. Tricia Russo-Oostveen 
38. Karen Hatfield
39. Tonya Burchfield
40. Barbara Miller Gill
41. Tracy Thomas Mooney
42. Joyce Kemple Allen
43. Marti Aho
44. Shauna Maki Wagner
45. Micah Fry
46. Cissie Buckwalter Breland
47. Molly Metzger
48. Laura Sue 
49. Theresa Petoskey
50. Lara Taylor Niles 

51. Linnet Hunt
52. Talia Rose
53. Sara Wallace
54. Patty Plaster - Pritt Rosellini
55. Rachel Vail 
56. Rebecca Voorhees Hill
57. Tonya Schultz
58. Jordan Conley
59. Christy McGraw 
60. Lorrie Eagan Arnold
61. Rebecca Voorhees Hill
62. Rachel Stienstra Kosters
63. Jessica Sweat
64. Rosalyn Corrao
65. Stacey Foor
66. Brianne Rose
67. Donna Marie
68. Veronica Herzing
69. Ellen Bowles Fortier
70. Emily Griffin
71. Stephanie Rivers Brunk
72. Judy Kampman
73. Peg Chandler
74. Elissa Haywood
75. Sarah McMaster
76. Jessica Johnson
77. Judy Brewer Austin
78. Gail Francisco Jackson
79. Mindy Dodson
80. Beverly Holt Potter
81. Anna Wallace
82. Karen Kozak
83. Mariela Henderson
84. Emily Wheeless Kulp
85. Cyrstal Gebbie
86. Donna Hutzell
87. Elizabeth A. Williams
88. Karen Guinn Lumpkin
89. Susan Waterworth
90. Rachel Gambrel
91. Dawn Williamson
92. Summer Richardson
93. Rod and Tracy Hawkins
94. Jennifer Kraft
95. Debbie Masterson
96. Valerie Wallace
97. Mallory Pollard
98. Erin Dean Hardesty
99. Kathy Bellah Walters
100. Dawn Withrow

101. Annette Harrison Smith
102. Lisa Roorda Walchenbach
103. Melinda Murrell Fox
104. Gretchen Atkins Stone
105. Karri Klee McManus
106. Denise Lowe Deck
107. Stephanie Robinson Sinclair
108. Kim Tweed Payne
109. Windy Bridges
110. Danielle Ralston
111. Heather Kennemur
112. Allison Lyons Adams
113. Elizabeth Little Inscoe
114. Dana Sparks
115. Carol Lehman
116. Leslie Menster
117. Pam Aydelott Newland
118. Tracey Burns Larson
119. Emily Rae Anderson
120. Mindy Rawls
121. Shelley Warticki
122. Lauren Marie
123. Laura-Elizabeth Flora
124. Maria Guidi Jeffries
125. Marilyn Moore Ayers
126. Patti Hankley Miller
127. Myra Benfield
128. Tanja C. Heintz Leckebusch
129. Angie Morris
130. Jennifer Baker Miler
131. Misti Pete Leathers
132. Nichole Knauss Tippie
133. Rose Bertsch
134. Jeanne M. Ready
135. Lori Weatherington McGuire
136. Jenny Bennett Deputy
137. Karen Stavroff
138. Torie Massimini
139. Laura McCrary Harville
140. Ann Rumbuc
141. Kim Swartz-Quigley
142. Karen Landram Brown
143. Sandra King
144. Teresa Roache Parker
145. Jordan Sims
144. Leanne Mazza
145. Laura Duffer
146. April Gerhard Sanders
147. Heather Clark Taylor
148. Kristie Johnston Hagans
149. Dori McFeters Brasure
150. Susan Watson Keene

150,000 Facebook Friends Contest Winners

WE DID IT FRIENDS! We hit 150,000 friends on Facebook just before Christmas!

Congratulations to the winners of my Facebook 150,000 Contest ! It was SO hard to choose the 10 reader friends who will now receive my One Chance Journal with $100 cash tucked inside. For that reason I chose 19 winners. These are the entries I felt I couldn't say no to ... and so I hope you feel God's blessings and love in this, and the same for my winners below and for all of you who entered.

Many, many of you are in need and deserving of extra funds this Christmas, and please know that I have prayed you will feel God's provision in other ways, if you did not win this contest. I also appreciated the many of you who said you didn't want the $100, but would love the $5 Starbucks gift card only. You said there were others who needed the money more, and your comments truly brought tears to my eyes!

With that said, here are the 19 winner of the Journal and $100 Christmas Cash:

1. DeeAnn LeVasser - Porterville, CA - An extra $100 would definitely be a blessing because my husband has been laid off from his job for the second time this year. A couple months ago when he went to the dentist to have a tooth removed they found a white spot on his gums. The dentist wants to do a biopsy on the white patch but we can't afford the $70 that the dentist wants us to pay before they will do it.

2. Heather Harden - Williamston, NC - My mom who is almost 54 is going to college (hopefully to be a nurse.) We live together to share bills. We both work all the time but rarely have money for extras. My mom still puts herself last even though I'm grown. She's always helping people in our community. I'd use the money to help buy her a new pair of prescription glasses.

3. Kimberly Reynolds - Greenbrier, TN - $100 would bless me this Christmas because it would give me some hope. My husband lost his pastorate earlier this year due to church politics, and we've been forced to move back to our hometown and start over. It ruined us financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We are both students, and have 3 children. I had been a stay at home mom and homeschooler, and I've had to go back to work and send my kids back to public school. Try as we may, we just can't make ends meet. God is seeing to our basic needs, but there's not a lot of extra money for gifts Christmas. $100 would mean a lot.

4. Earlene Smith - Bonney Lake, WA - My son is in the Navy and currently deployed until next March. Mailing care packages gets expensive, so I would use the money to pay postage for his next few care packages for him and his crew.

5. Megan Ann Claybrook – Lamar, CO – $100 would bless me this year because God had guided me to go on TWO mission trips! :D however the people around me are against me going because they do not understand my faith and refuse to help me. It feels like everyone who should be supporting me is against me going. I know God will provide for me, and $100 should be more than a blessing for my mission trips. 

6. Caity Logan - Doylestown, PA - Any extra money that I have this Christmas is going to my aunt, whose husband lost his job 2 years ago now and still hasn't found a permanent replacement. I learned a week ago that her 16 year old son will be going without a new coat this winter because it is too expensive. But more importantly, she is beginning to lose faith and hoping for a sign that things will turn around. She and I have always shared your books (her favorite is probably Unlocked-- she works as a teacher's aide for a group of autistic kids) and all I really want to do for Christmas is bring her hope.

7. Amanda Kadlecek-Blust - Martins Ferry, OH – I would use the $100 to give to a young teen I know whose family can't afford to put food on their table. I would love 2 b able to give them a gift card to a grocery store so that they could know that they would be able to have a warm meal. My heart aches for them so much...they young girl is only 13 and walks to the soup kitchen almost daily. It would be amazing to be able 2 help her.

8. Deb Berk ‎- Auburn, PA - $100 would always bless me. My sister and I live together and are foster/adoptive parents. Presently we have 4 teenage boys(13,15,16,17) who eat us out of house and home (literally). We've had 32 kids and adopted 5. Getting older now. All 4 finally adopted. Love the Baxter family. From Auburn, PA. God blesses us all the time because we belong to HIM. But $100 would go towards food for this vacation time from school!

9. Karri Klee McManus - Eaton Rapids, MI - $100 would allow me to put fuel in our van and do a few extra things with our kids over Christmas break. My 7 year old has autism and that diagnosis seems to come with the ability to use up cash for therapies and dietary needs.

10. Lorna Millett Palevich - Louisville, KY - If I had that $100, I would not have to worry about being able to pay my gas bill this next month. We have had a very cold month and as I am a widow, I need all the help I can get.

11. Carol Hoefs - Tucker, GA - The $100.00 would be used to buy craft kits and other art supplies for children at Fort Sam Houston Warrior & Family Support Center in San Antonio, TX helping them keep occupied while their loved on who is serving our country is being cared for at Brooks Army Medical Center for injuries received in battle in Iraq or Afghanistan

12. Stacy Taylor - Fairbanks, AK - About two years ago, my mom and I made a batch of Christmas cookies for our local firefighters. We took them to the station and they were just THRILLED that we did something like that for them! It was going to become a tradition but last year she was put into a hospice care center (she had cancer) and she died in January. I wanted to try to do it this Christmas but my job just ended and so far they haven’t been able to pay me my last check due to their own financial reasons. I just don’t have the money right now to do it on my own. I feel like our firefighters aren’t told enough how much they’re appreciated and I would like to do something for them again. $100 would help supply all the baking goods and materials needed to do such a thing.

13. Dena Kirby Neely - Spartanburg SC - I am a single mother with a 20 year old son that has Brain Cancer & has had four Brain surgeries in the past two years. I would use it for medical bills or transportation to MUSC in Charleston. God Bless you & your family. 

14. Jacki Spohn Prettyman - Fort Scott, KS - My favorite character is Ashley (from the Baxter family). I am on disability now from fibromyalgia and my husband lost his job over 2 years ago so things are very tight here. We're raising 3 special needs grandsons as well. The $100 would help us gift the boys with a little extra this year.

15. Cortney Brooke Dixon - McCreary County, KY - $100 would bless me because I could see my father open a gift, I'm 14 years old and my mother passed away earlier this year so I have no way of earning money because of my age, my dad is the pastor of a Pentecostal church here in KY and is too stubborn to ask for help because of his "position" my mother was a music teacher and earned most of the money, we do receive income but I don't want my dad to pay for his own gift...your novels truly inspire me I just want to say thank you for all your unrecognized encouragements you have touched more lives than you know, including my mother’s.

16. Kristian Solomon - Goldsboro, NC - $100 would be a blessing to me because I would be sending it to a Military wife who just lost her husband over in Afganastan and they are expecting their first child any day now!

17. Nicole Stiers - Fredericksburg, VA - $100 would be a blessing to me as it would help me get home to my family. I only see them once or twice a year because of accepting a teaching position in a Christian school out here. I love and miss my family dearly, but teaching is something the Lord has called me to do, even if it is 500 miles away from all those I know. Being with family on Christmas day is something I cherish and look forward to.

18. Berette Johnson - Connersville, IN - I'm a 20 yr old working 4 jobs and just finished nursing school $100 could help me pay for my state board test so I can be a nurse before my 21 birthday in January!

19. Susan French Knob - Noster, MO - We have adopted a single Air Force man for the holidays who attends church with us. Brandon is very homesick, but due to his work schedule, he is unable to go home. We are including him in our family begins Christmas Eve and will end Christmas night~~we have 2 sets of grandparents to visit plus he is spending the night with us. We have a stocking for him but I would love to get him gifts besides socks & snacks. I'm paying it forward~2 of our sons live out of state. People have blessed them during the yeats when they couldn't come home. We have 5 kids still at home~he will be surrounded by noise, fun, love. He's going to dip pretzels & decorate cookies with us. We want to give him a taste of home.

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