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A Thousand Tomorrows - Book 1


Cody Gunner is a nationally renowned bull rider—cocky, brash, a legend among his peers. On track to the top, Cody has rejected everything about his past—his famous father, his hurting mother, and every woman who ever came along. His heart has room only for his young handicapped brother.


Ali Daniels is the most recognized horsewoman in her sport. She embraces life, making the most of every moment and risking everything for her passion. Along the way, Ali seeks to fulfill the dreams of her little sister, a girl who died before she had a chance to live. And so competing is all she needs until the day Cody discovers what Ali has been hiding so well. Reluctantly Ali allows Cody into her private world.


Despite their fears, they bare their souls and love finds them in a way that it seldom finds anyone. In a breathless race for time, their love becomes the one part of them that will never fail, never die. In the end they find something brilliant and brief— a thousand tomorrows.



Book 2 in the Series...

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