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A One Chance Foundation Story


A TRUE AND AMAZING adoption story only God could write!

This sweet couple, Craig and Carrie, thought they couldn’t have children and so they adopted twins here in the United States. The twins were born on February 28th.

The next year the birth mother delivered another set of twins born on February 28th. Yes, the same day! The birth mother wanted these babies to go to the same family and so ... this incredible couple adopted her second set of twins!

My One Chance Foundation awarded them a grant to help pay for the second adoption. So many of YOU have given generously to my foundation!!! Thank you! 

But don't miss this next part ...

Shortly after the second adoption, Carrie became pregnant and found out she was carrying TWINS! And ... they were born on the following February 28th! 

I have tears in my eyes as I write this. Only God could've orchestrated this kind of a miracle story for this precious family and all of their sweet babies!! Adoption changes lives forever and always. Praise Jesus!

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