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A One Chance Foundation Story


This is the story of a family who wanted to give life to one of the 500,000 embryos currently in deep freeze in facilities across the United States. Our family’s One Chance Foundation gave this family an adoption grant, and when their baby Knox was born, they sent us photos. So we could celebrate God’s miracle together.

We first heard from this sweet family when Steve reached out and said this: “My wife, Brittney, and I are pursuing embryo adoption. We are prayerfully hopeful that God will give us the opportunity to give a frozen embryo a chance at life that it otherwise would not have. We believe that these embryos created for In vitro fertilization are living at their creation, and because their families are no longer seeking to grow their own families, they are putting them up for adoption. We are currently in the matching phase and are awaiting a match for embryos. We are hopeful that there may be a grant available to help us with our remaining costs.”


And so there was … because of supporters like you! 

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