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September 29, 2018

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Was that an Angel?

The police officer rushed into the house just as paramedics were about to call the time of death for my father. In one corner of the living room my nephew Andrew was weeping. He was 12 years old and for the previous nineteen minutes he had been giving my dad CPR. Now my dad was blue and lifeless without a heartbeat.


The officer seemed aware of the desperate situation. He took my mother’s hands and looked her straight in the eyes and his voice shook the space between them. “Ma’am, do you believe in Jesus?”


“Yes!” My mom didn’t hesitate. “We all believe!”


“Then we need to pray,” the officer squeezed my mother’s hands, “that the power that raised Lazarus from the dead would breathe life into your husband right now.” He nodded toward Andrew, still crying in the other room. “So that young man doesn’t grow up thinking this was his fault.”


And so they prayed, and as soon as the officer said, “In Jesus’ name, amen!” the paramedics in the other room yelled, “We have a heartbeat!”


My dad lived another six weeks in the Intensive Care Unit of our local hospital. Andrew was the hero, for saving his Papa’s life. And the police officer? After my dad went home to heaven, my mother looked the man up. She had his name and badge number. But the officer couldn’t be found.


Finally, she was connected to the man who headed up personnel for the department. The man did some research and after a few days he called my mom back. “I’m sorry, but we’ve never assigned that badge number to anyone. And we’ve never had an officer by that name.”


Have you ever wondered about angels? Are they real? Do they truly walk among us? There is more going on around you than you know. You are not alone. God has assigned an army of angels on our behalf – whether you ever see them or not. In fact, in the Bible, Hebrews 13:2 says, "Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!"


Turn to the Lord today and ask for His protection. You never know, He just might send an angel in response. Oh, and next time you have the chance, thank a police officer. Whether he’s an angel or not.





“I never really thought about angels until I read your book Angels Walking. Now I find myself more aware of miraculous moments around me. I read all three books in the series and honestly, my life will never be the same.”


- Reader Kara W.


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