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Don't let go.

September 29, 2018

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Don't let go.

Years ago, my husband, Donald, and I were in a Bible study for married couples. We had been together three years at that point and we were struggling. I wanted more time with him, and he didn’t feel appreciated for the work he was doing. 


It was a situation not too different from one you might have faced at some point. Something you may even be dealing with now. 


The Bible study was spot on. The teaching helped us learn each other’s love languages. Not only that, we learned how to speak that type of love to each other. I intentionally worked to compliment him and build him up – even when I didn’t feel like it. And he learned to make time with me at a friend’s wedding – even if he didn’t know the bride and groom. The difference was life-changing.  


Flash forward a few decades, and this past summer we celebrated thirty years of marriage together! We talked about those long ago days recently, and we agreed there was one thing that stood out from that Bible study, and it’s something as simple as it is profound.


Don’t let go.


That’s it. Look at your spouse and promise before God to never, ever let go. God gave you to each other, and He wants you to hold on. Lean into Him and don’t ever let go.







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