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Karen Kingsbury Writing Course

Enrollment Deadline:


Oct. 1

Wanna join my online Liberty University writing class?!


In the complete course, I'll help you understand how to develop, compose, and publish a great work of fiction that is both successful and of eternal value!

The amazing administration at Liberty University is allowing me to offer non-Liberty students my online writing course as well. This is incredible and far more affordable than enrolling in school.

I'll see you in class soon!

“I'm learning so much from Karen Kingsbury! This is not my first or even second writing course to take. But her teaching and advice is so different! I really feel empowered and like this is going to make a difference for me!" 

– Sherry C.

"Since taking this class, I have had people commenting on how my writing seems so much more professional. Thank you, Karen Kingsbury! This class is truly a blessing!"

– Caitlyn P.


"I learned a lot - especially about developing characters and how to incorporate them into the story without using the words 'he said/she said.' Very much appreciated all of the information and ideas that were shared."

– Val R.

"I found this class to be very helpful, full of wisdom and insight." 

– Melissa M.

Student Comments

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