Years ago, my husband, Donald, and I were in a Bible study for married couples. We had been together three years at that point and we were struggling. I wanted more time with him, and he didn’t feel appreciated for the work he was doing. 

It was a situation not too different from one you might have faced at some point. Something you may even be dealing with now. 

The Bible study was spot on. The teaching helped us learn each other’s love languages. Not only that, we learned how to speak that type of love to each other. I intentionally worked to compliment him...

The police officer rushed into the house just as paramedics were about to call the time of death for my father. In one corner of the living room my nephew Andrew was weeping. He was 12 years old and for the previous nineteen minutes he had been giving my dad CPR. Now my dad was blue and lifeless without a heartbeat.

The officer seemed aware of the desperate situation. He took my mother’s hands and looked her straight in the eyes and his voice shook the space between them. “Ma’am, do you believe in Jesus?”

“Yes!” My mom didn’t hesitate. “We all believe!”


Whatever it is, you’re going to be okay. You’re not alone. You’ll get through this. Yes, earth is a wild ride, the heartache and happy times. Every windy gale and wonder-filled moment. The hills and valleys. God sees it all and He stands by you, holding you, His hands on your shoulders.

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