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Someone Like You 9781982104313 - front.p
Someone Like You 9781982104313 - front.p

Because of COVID-19, these are especially difficult times for bookstores. Small stores like Landmark Booksellers – the store that inspired The Bridge - need your help. Desperately. Even major bookstore chains are in dire financial straits.


Please consider buying several copies - for family, friends, or for people working the front lines of this pandemic. Also for those serving our country through police work, firefighting, and the military. Perhaps for someone in prison or those in isolation – in houses and nursing homes.


Someone Like You is my most anticipated book, a story of hope and redemption, certain to uplift and encourage.

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Available to ship anywhere in the world. The store that inspired The Bridge!


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Science raises questions only love can answer in this moving and thought-provoking novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author of “heart-tugging and emotional” books. (Romantic Times)

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